Management of Medical Emergencies & Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation(CPR) Management of Emergencies, Health & Safety for workplace, homes & community management of medical emergencies for educational institutions, creche & daycare management of emergencies, CPR, health, safety, hygiene & sanitation for hotels, restaurants & resorts. Training workshops for family care givers on long term care giving. Training workshops for family care givers on long distance care giving (How to take care of your near & dear ones when you are away). Vocational Skill development program to train people as care givers. Training of nurses on new mother & baby program.

Vocational Trainings Trainings on Emergency & Disaster Management
Patient Care Executive Training program: Training school dropouts with skills of Healthcare assistance role and providing jobs Community First Responder Training Program (Management Of Medical Emergencies & CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation)
Soft skills/communication skills, instruments handling, grooming & presentation for front office operations/sales/customer relation jobs Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation Trg (CPR) (For Layman/ Students/Resident communities in apartments. Security Services
IELTS Training Training on Safety, Hygiene, Emergencies Management & CPR
(For Hotels/Chains of Hotels/Restaurant/Coffee Shops)
Staff Training: Soft skills, Image Makeover, Customer relations
Safety: Hospitals/Hospitality Industry
Training on safety , Medico-legal issues, Disaster Preparedness (Man made or Natural) Hotels /Hospitals/ Security Services
  Training on Safety, Hygiene, Emergencies Management & CPR (For Hotels/Chains of Hotels/Restaurant/Coffee Shops)
Healthcare & Hospitality Industry Professionals Training for Family Care Givers
Trainings in Healthcare /Management of Emergencies
Disaster Preparedness & CPR
Training for Long Distance Family Caregivers
Post Basic B.Sc. Coaching for Nurses Training on long term care-giving for family caregivers
Staff Training: In Soft Skills, Communication Skills, Image Makeover, Front Office Operations Training On Caregiving for Patients with Dementia/Alzheimers/Autism/Spastic Children
Medical Emergencies in Dental practice  
Individuals/Pregnant Mothers/Security Agencies/Creche/Daycare/ Employees
Training on New Mother & Baby Program Training on safety and first aid at home Training for home healthcare assessors & supervisors
•Training on taking care of mother during pregnancy, care for baby and mother after delivery. •Training on safety measures, anticipation of emergencies, risk mitigation at home and workplace • Training on assessment of home healthcare needs and coordinating home healthcare operations
•The pregnant mother
•Baby & Mother after delivery
•Mothers/Parents/Grandparents at home
•Security agencies/Creche /Daycare employees
•New born Babies
• Home healthcare providers
•Old Age Homes
•Retirement Homes
Training on Long Term Care-giving for Family caregivers    
Training on Long Term Care-giving for Family caregivers
•Need : With the increased longevity and higher incidence of chronic diseases with disabilities , more and more people would require to be cared for. This can take its own toll in form of what is termed as compassionate fatigue. It is here that training to give care is useful.
Training On Long Distance Caregiving:
♦ You are away from your parents, whether out of country, out of city or even within same city and you are worried about their well being .
♦You may find about professional help and may hire someone.
♦ We help you learn the nitty gritties of ensuring that your parents are properly cared for and you would have the competency to ensure that.
Hotels/Restaurants /Coffee Shops/Security Service Providers/Hostels ;PG Accomodation/Event Management
Training on Safety,  Hygiene, Disaster Preparedness & Response, Medico-legal issues, Emergencies Management & CPR  
Training on Safety,  Hygiene, Disaster Preparedness & Response, Medico-legal issues, Emergencies Management & CPR   Who are likely to benefit
•Coffee Shops
•Security Service providers
•Hostels/PG Accommodation
•Event Management Companies
Need :
•Emergencies can strike anywhere. Things like Choking/Stroke/Fits/Burns/Fires/Sudden death/Electrocutions/Electric Burns are known to have occurred in Past.
• Safety in terms of ensuring safety for  the visitors can only be certain if staff  is trained in safety drills.
•Disasters: Whether man made or natural can only be managed if there are tested SOPs, drills and practiced up to the last man. Earthquakes/ Fires/Terrorist Strikes have happened in past in establishments.
•Medico Legal Issues: With the change in social mores, and crime, no establishment is immune from crime. Things like suicide murders/poisonings/rape /violation of privacy  are issues, that are frequently reported.  Establishments are likely to be held responsible for various acts of commission as well as omission. It is important that organizations are trained  to respond to such situations
• Training programs :
•For Management Staff
•Table top exercises
•Functional Exercises
•Mock Drill
•Hygiene is a must for hospitality industry.  A smallest lapse can prove costly to establishment. One episode of food poisoning, can lead to shut down of establishment. It can only be ensured when every staff is sensitized to and  trained in hygienic practices
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Staffing solutions Temporary and Permanent staffing facilitation
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Medical Emergencies Choking
Deaths in Gym
Diabetic complications
Snake bites
Insect bites
Allergies and Anaphyalxis
Complications of Pregnancy
Bleeding from nose
Fractures/Sprains & Strain
Sudden Cardiac Arrest
Training on Management of common Emergencies & Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR ) Training
Use of Automated External Defibrillator
Medico Legal cases Assault
Rape and Molestation
Suicide / Homicide ( Sunanda Pushkar's case )
  Sensitization & Training on Medico Legal issues
Disaster Preparedness •Fire (Carlton Hotel)
•Earthquake (Nepal /Bhuj)
•Terrorism (Taj Hotel)
•Urban Flooding
•Table top Exercises
•Functional exercise
•Fully functional exercies
•Mock Drills
Events Management (Safety Issues) Rain dance
New Years Day
  Safety audit & training